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OASD Main Phone Number: 262-560-1115

Elementary Schools  

Greenland Elementary School      Main: 262-560-8100    FAX: 560-8118 
Ixonia Elementary SchoolMain: 262-560-8400    FAX: 560-8418
Meadow View Elementary SchoolMain: 262-560-8000    FAX: 560-8018
Park Lawn Elementary School       Main: 262-560-8200    FAX: 560-8218
Summit Elementary School Main: 262-560-8300    FAX: 560-8318

Intermediate Schools              

Nature Hill Intermediate Main: 262-569-4940    FAX: 569-4958 
Silver Lake Intermediate Main: 262-560-4300    FAX: 560-4318

Oconomowoc High School    

Main Office  Main: 262-560-3100    FAX: 560-3140
Oconomowoc Arts Center262-560-2130

Administrative Offices             

Accounts Payable 262-560-2141
Buildings and Grounds 262-560-3134
Business Services            262-560-2139
Curriculum and Instructional Services  262-560-2121
Human Resources262-560-2150
Information Technology  262-560-3112
Open Enrollment 262-560-2155
Payroll 262-560-2138
Research, Technology and Assessment262-560-2117
Special Education Services262-560-2157
Student Services 262-560-2155
Substitute Teaching Inquiries    262-560-2150
Superintendent of Schools262-560-2111

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♦ Please note: if you require immediate assistance, contact the school or district department.  Phone Numbers are listed above.


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915 E. Summit Avenue
Oconomowoc, WI 53066
Nondiscrimination: The Oconomowoc Area School District provides assurance that no student is discriminated against because of the student's sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability.
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