Emergency Text Message Alerts

The Oconomowoc Area School District (OASD) is committed to ensuring the safety of our students and staff and providing fast and accurate information in a time of emergency. In a time of crisis, we utilize email, phone calls, social media, OASD website posts, and text alerts to share emergency information with families. During the annual online registration process, families are asked to verify their contact information to ensure they receive these text messages.  Please be aware that during an urgent situation, OASD families will receive information on all of the phone numbers and email addresses provided, which means multiple phone calls, text messages, and emails.  While this may seem excessive, we share updates to all phone numbers and email addresses to ensure families receive this important information.

 Text Alert Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of urgent or emergency situations will result in a text message?

  • Urgent and emergency situations that may warrant a text message could include, but are not limited to:
    • School delays/closings
    • Bus incidents
    • Fire emergencies
    • Weather emergencies
    • Chemical emergencies
    • School safety threats

What if I'm not receiving the text messages?

Why do we use text messaging for emergencies?

  • During an urgent or emergency situation, we want to send families information as quickly as possible. A text message is the fastest way to reach families. This communication option allows the OASD to immediately send mass text messages to hundreds of families and district staff.
  • Please be aware that every cell phone number entered in the Skyward Family Access System will receive a text message in an urgent or emergency situation.  This may mean that families will receive messages on multiple phones.
  • Please also be aware that if you should opt-out of text messaging at any time, your opt-out will be overridden in the case of a school or district emergency and you will receive text message updates.

Will I still get emails and phone calls?

  • Yes, in a time of emergency, we will contact families in multiple ways to ensure we’re reaching everyone.  This means that you will receive our emergency messages through:
    • Email message to the parent/guardian email addresses listed in Skyward Family Access.
    • A recorded phone message to the parent/guardian phone numbers listed in Skyward Family Access.
    • Text message to the parent/guardian phone numbers listed Skyward Family Access.
  • You will continue to receive school information and reminders by email and possibly a phone call.

How else does the OASD share emergency information and updates?

During a time of emergency, we will share information and updates in as many ways as possible, to ensure our families and the community have access to the information.  In addition to the text, voicemail, and email updates that our families will receive, we will also share information in these locations:

 ** Please follow the OASD on social media, to ensure you receive our urgent or emergency updates.

What if I don’t have a Family Access login, how do I set up an account or obtain a login?

Skyward Family Access is a web application that allows parents and students to view attendance, class schedules, discipline information, missing homework, grades, and more. If you are a parent or legal guardian of a current OASD student, you can sign up for Family Access by filling out an online registration form at www.oasd.org/FamilyAccess, or you can call your school for assistance.

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